Entrepreneurial Gardening Success Stories

Below are gardening success stories from various Michigan WISEWOMAN participants (click any link below to read their testimonials)

Keeping the Family Tradition Alive with WISEWOMAN Gardening
High Tunnels, Low Tunnels and Dairy Herds
Make Way for Another Michigan Entrepreneur
Raised Beds Grow Swiss Chard and Nutrition Knowledge
Bold New Steps for this Baker
Ahhhhh, How Sweet it is…..
It Takes a Community To Raise a Family - A Community Garden
Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and Now Anne Does Too!
City Girl Goes Country and Finds Joy Among the Zucchinis
Chickens, Raised Beds, and Beads.....
Find Hope Among the Herbs and Heirlooms
Kohlrabi in the Freezer and Tomatoes in the Washtub
If at First You Don't Succeed, Call a WISEWOMAN Gardener
Finding Her Way Out of Depression in the Dirt
Entrepreneurial Gardening Coordinator

Re-Purposing with a Purpose
Growing a Garden Retreat
Getting Back to Basics
A Community Asset

Broccoli, Eggs, and an Economic Stream
This Bud Loves Bugs
Smells, Tastes, and Side Conversations
It's Never Too Late to Learn

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